Terry Howerton

Terry Howerton

Terry Howerton co-founded TechNexus in 2007. The venture development firm is part incubator, part business-to-business office space, part matchmaker to legacy corporations seeking partnership with startups before being disrupted by them. The space is also home to the Illinois Technology Association, which, like TechNexus, was founded by Howerton and Fred Hoch.

“Our business model here is not so much to say we’re trying to accelerate, though we also do: Some come in and out in three or four months. But it’s also part of having the right ecosystem,” Howerton told Blue Sky.

He is on the board of the National Business Incubator Association and on the executive committee at TechNet, a Silicon Valley-based national advocacy group. The group provides thought leadership on economic growth, immigration, STEM education and workforce development.

He lives in Evanston.

Find him on social: @terryhowerton Terry Howerton
Age: 47 Website: technexus.com
Connected to: Fred Hoch, co-founder, ITA and TechNexus