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  • Technology reshapes education, 'making thinking visible'

    Jeannette Jones, dean of education at Schaumburg-based for-profit American InterContinental University, told of a time she sat in on a middle school class and a student asked the teacher a question. She said the teacher didn't know the answer — but on the spot posed the question to her Twitter... […]

  • What college students need to know about fending off hackers

    The rest of the world sees millions of bright young men and women arriving on college campuses across the country. Computer hackers see fresh meat. They see kids with fingerprints all over the web, handy trails all over social media, and access to large university networks. Mostly, though, experts... […]

  • How many MBA grads stay in Chicago?

    Chicago-area MBA programs draw students from around the world, but how many of them stay? It varies, according to data from the area's business schools. […]