From company concept to employee culture… and back again

From Macro to uh-oh

Increase revenue. Increase margin. Don’t just make market share; take it. Improve customer reputation. Improve product quality. Get to market faster.

Which employee could argue with the irrefutable logic of these corporate performance strategies? In a perfect world, your own employees would immediately grasp the logic and devote themselves wholeheartedly to achieving them.

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The mission of ChangeThis: to support and spread great ideas.

Great ideas = Passion. Conviction. Knowledge. Education. Thought. Persuasion. Freedom. Appeal. Change. Point-of-View. Self-Betterment. Inspiration.

The original idea behind ChangeThis came from Seth Godin, and it was built in 2004 by him and a merry band of interns. In the summer of 2005, ChangeThis was turned over to 800-CEO-READ, and they have been keeping the project up and running ever since. To learn more about 800-CEO-READ, visit their website.