The Spark: Funding

Nerves: Kathleen Wright, Piece & Co.

Money: Denise Ching, UIC’s Small Business Development Center

Venture capitalists: Justyn Howard, Sprout Social

An overused word: Darin LeGrange, Aldera

Authentic: David Vinca, eSpark

Calibrating: Mike Kohnen, Silicon Valley Bank

Founder-market fit: Kevin Willer, Chicago Ventures

Your pitch: Greg Topel, Tangible Haptics

Presentation: Erik Benz, Position Tech

Funding opportunities: Julio Santos-Munne, HDT robotics

Funding: Brad Weisberg, Snapsheet

Capital: Andrew Razeghi, Kellogg School of Management

Client funded: Ruben Garcia, Innovative Exams

Numbers: Julie Northcutt,