Godard Abel

Godard Abel is interviewed by host Pat Ryan Jr. during a Founders Talk event at 1871.
(Chris Sweda / Chicago Tribune / Jan. 2014)

Many founders dream of selling their companies for a profit. Serial entrepreneur Godard Abel has been a part of four such exits.

The co-founder and chairman of G2 Crowd, a Highland Park-based company that aggregates user reviews of business software, Abel is also the former CEO of SteelBrick, the maker of configure, price, quote (CPQ) applications for users of Salesforce.com.

Salesforce announced at the end of 2015 that it would acquire SteelBrick for $360 million. The deal closed in February.

“Why do this? It just feels natural,” Abel told the Chicago Tribune. “And it does give me meaning…Building companies: It’s rewarding spiritually, emotionally and financially.”

Abel is also the former CEO of BigMachines, which sold to Oracle in 2013 for more than $400 million.

Born 4,200 miles from Chicago in the city of Moenchengladbach in northwest Germany, he found entrepreneurship inspiration from his father and his grandfather.

Abel received both his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and master’s in engineering from MIT. He earned his MBA from Stanford University.

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Age: 48 Website: steelbrick.com