Hardik Bhatt

Hardik Bhatt
(State of Illinois photo)

Hardik Bhatt is the smart cities and mobility vertical lead at Amazon Web Services, a position he took in September 2017 after two years as chief information officer for the state of Illinois. Before working for the state, he served as managing director for global market development for Cisco Systems.

During his time with the state, he worked to upgrade technology throughout Illinois. “We are not very proud of the status of mobile applications in the state right now,” Bhatt told Blue Sky in 2015. “My parents are both 70 years old, and both have an iPhone 6S. They’ve adapted to the platform so quickly. If they get an application or app from the state of Illinois on how to get services, it will be very easy for them to learn that. We have to evolve. We have to start building solutions for the next generation.”

Bhatt is also an angel investor with Hyde Park Angels, specifically looking to invest in startups focused on digital media and IT.

At Cisco, Bhatt worked closely with its Internet of Everything initiative, a $19 trillion global opportunity to increase connectivity. He previously served as CIO of the city of Chicago. He has an MBA in management from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

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