Shawn Carpenter

Shawn Carpenter
(Abel Uribe / for Blue Sky / May 15, 2015)

Shawn Carpenter is co-founder and CEO of RepIQ, a platform to help salespeople find and contact promising potential customers, then use data to determine how they can improve their sales.

Carpenter began the company with Jonathan Suchland, a former Amazon software development manager. RepIQ announced a round of seed funding in September 2016 and launched in summer 2017. Previously, Carpenter was the CEO of YCharts, a financial software company that provides analytic tools for investment advisers and wealth managers.

“I’ve been living with this problem in building YCharts the last six years,” he told Blue Sky. “It’s hard to figure out who you should be targeting, hard to figure out the contact information of those people, and then when you start doing outreach and trying to sell your product, it’s hard to figure out which companies or users are interested. We’re really building around … the struggle to scale up a sales organization.”

In addition to advanced search tools and detailed contact information, which users can download in bulk for a subscription fee, RepIQ offers a free Chrome browser extension equipped with email tracking and analytics.

“We really set out to make it much easier for sales teams to find their best customers and who they should be targeting,” Carpenter said. “The information they need is all over the web and in a lot of disparate places.”

RepIQ will join the Salesforce app exchange, he said.

Carpenter said he transitioned out of his role as CEO at YCharts in late 2015. He remains an active board member and is the company’s largest common shareholder.

“We basically started from scratch and managed to scale up to 50 people spread between New York and Chicago,” Carpenter said. “The company is scaling nicely. … Now, it’s really growth-stage in terms of revenue and customers. We’re looking more to get an operations-type of CEO to come in and scale it.”

He launched YCharts in 2010 after spending three years at Google. It was there that Carpenter said he saw a need for easy-to-use tools for harnessing financial data.

RepIQ’s early backers have included local investment firms Pritzker Group Venture Capital, Amicus Capital and Hyde Park Angels. San Francisco-based seed investment group Arba is also among RepIQ’s funders

Carpenter has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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