Jeff Carter

Jeff Carter

Jeff Carter is co-founder and manager of West Loop Ventures, an early-stage venture fund launched in 2013 specializing in business-to-business financial technology startups.

From the time he co-founded Hyde Park Angels in 2007, Carter has been adamant that Chicago not try to become the next Silicon Valley.

“You can get on a plane or in a car and you can drive out there in two days or get on a plane and be there in four hours. Why would you compete?” he told Blue Sky. “I think Chicago can be a tremendous startup ecosystem, but it needs to be built on the strength of Chicago. And the biggest strength of Chicago is financial services.”

Before his angel investor days, Carter traded his own money at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and was on its board. He was part of a group of equity owners that remade the exchange, seeing it demutualize and become the first to go public in 2002.

Carter was one of five representatives of the U.S. at the fall 2017 inaugural I-7 meeting — a technology offshoot of the G-7 Summit.

He has a B.S. from the University of Illinois and an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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