Star Cunningham

Star Cunningham
(Annette Kerstin / Bordeaux Studio)

Star Cunningham is founder and CEO of 4D Healthware, a maker of technology for people with chronic diseases.

Cunningham started the company in 2011 after traveling the world for IBM. She worked on a special team implementing large projects, including one involving helping to manage the World Cup in South Africa, tackling issues like security and transportation and adapting new technology to old systems.

“All of my experience at IBM taught me how to deal with legacy infrastructure,” Cunningham told Blue Sky in 2014. She has a chronic illness herself — Crohn’s disease.

4D Healthware’s software links a patient’s wearable fitness device to an interactive online platform that incorporates their personal health history.

“This is an open platform designed to be plugged into, or plugged on top of, the health care system,” Cunningham said. “We’re not going to be asking hospitals to revamp their entire workflow. We’re going to be able to sit on top of whatever is there, so that they can procure this patient information in the way that they want to see it.”

She has an undergraduate degree in computer science from Heidelberg College and an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

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