Dima Elissa

Dima Elissa
(James Caulfield photo)

Dima Elissa is CEO and founder of VisMed-3D, a medical 3D printing company. It creates anatomical replicas to assist surgeons with complex procedures, and other medical models and tools. She founded the Evanston-based company in hopes of creating a better pair of custom-made shoes for her business partner, who has spina bifida.

Today, their company prototypes forceps for eye surgeons, creates lifelike models of a patient’s spinal column for medical students, and converts pre-surgery MRI scans into 3D models of soft tissue to help surgeons find weak spots that might be undetectable on a flat screen.

“Every day we’re learning something,” Elissa told Blue Sky. “We’re not linear thinkers.”

She is also president and CEO of tech consulting firm Visual Media, LTD and teaches entrepreneurship at the Associated Colleges of the Midwest in Chicago. She serves on the boards of Ms. Tech, Women in Bio, World Business Chicago and is on the STEM steering committee for the Aparecio Foundation, which provides mentoring to high-achieving, low-income female high school students.

Elissa has an MBA from Texas A&M University.

Find her on social: @dimaelissa Dima Elissa, MBA
Age: 56 Website: vismed3d.com