Amy Francetic

Amy Francetic, CEO of Clean Energy Trust
(Heather Charles / Chicago Tribune / 2012)

Amy Francetic is senior vice president of new ventures and corporate affairs at Invenergy. The company, led by CEO Michael Polsky, develops, owns and operates power generation and energy storage facilities. 

Francetic took the position in February 2016 after stepping down as CEO of the Clean Energy Trust, a company she co-founded with Polsky and Nick Pritzker. The non-profit accelerates the development of clean-energy businesses in the Midwest. It hosts the annual Clean Energy Challenge, which offers a cash prizes to Midwest researchers, students and entrepreneurs with “transformative” clean-energy business ideas.

“This is the third company that I’ve helped start, and sometimes you just know that you hand it over to somebody who can take it to the next level,” Francetic told Blue Sky.

By the time she was 30, Francetic had created a business called Zowie Interactive, which used radio frequency identification technology that, years before Wii, allowed children to play with a toy while their actions were transmitted to a virtual world on their computer screen.

She was also an Entrepreneur-In-Residence at the Stanford Research Institute in Menlo Park, Calif., where she worked with scientists on a variety of commercial projects including the early version of what would become Siri, the voice-recognition personal assistant technology on the iPhone, and fuel cells, which produce electricity in cells from a chemical reaction.

Francetic grew up in Racine, Wis., and earned a bachelor’s degree is psychology and political science from Stanford University.She lives in Lake Forest with her husband Jason Rubinstein and daughters Lucy and Sydney.

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