Julie Friedman Steele

Julie Friedman Steele is photographed at the 3D Printer Experience in Chciago.
(Hilary Higgins / RedEye / Feb. 6, 2014)

Julie Friedman Steele launched The 3D Printer Experience in 2013 in a River North storefront to teach people how to use 3D printers, hoping to “unleash the power of the crowd” to speed innovation, she told Blue Sky.

Friedman Steele, who has studied acting, music and biochemistry, calls herself “a futurist and a social entrepreneur.”

“You have to have the world’s best interests in mind when you have the tools to change the world,” she said at a Blue Sky Innovation event in 2014.

Friedman Steele is also the founder of The Meta Space, a social enterprise platform, and the author of Encyclopedia Britannica’s 2013 Year in Review on 3D printing. Before launching The 3D Printer Experience, she was a documentary film writer, producer and editor in Los Angeles.

She has a bachelor’s degree from the Berklee College of Music and studied at Boston University.

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Age: 42 Websites: the3dprinterexperience.com about.me/metajulie