Haven Allen

Haven Allen
(mHub photo)

Haven Allen was named CEO of mHUB Chicago in December 2017, after serving as the manufacturing and innovation facility’s executive director since its 2016 opening.

He helped create the incubator as an economic development strategist at World Business Chicago, where he directed its Advisory Council for Chicagoland Manufacturing.

“I spent three years working on everything workforce development-related, including apprenticeship programs, job placement programs and training centers,” he said. “While helping existing companies sell their products to more markets, we noticed there was a gap within the marketplace for where our young talent could go after they left university and where our manufacturers were able to collaborate with talent and have access to equipment to create new products.”

Member companies — mHub has served more than 700 people representing about 150 businesses — generated a total of about $20 million in revenue in 2017.

He has a Bachelor of Science in political science from the University of Illinois at Chicago, as well as both a Master of Public Policy and a certificate of graduate studies in science, technology and public policy from the University of Michigan.

Allen spent two years as a Peace Corps community economic development volunteer in Panama and was a mayoral fellow with the city of Chicago.

Find him on social: @havenkallen Haven Allen
Age: 39  • Website: mhubchicago.com