Seth Kravitz

Seth Kravitz
(Yvette Marie Dostatni / for Blue Sky / Jan. 27, 2015)

Seth Kravitz is co-founder of Chicago-based startup booster Technori, which hosts Technori Pitch, a popular monthly showcase of newly launched companies that has become an anchor of the local tech scene.

In 2016, after six years, 56 Chicago events and 280 pitches, Kravitz stepped back from the lead role and podcast host Scott Kitun took over as CEO.

“It just started out as an idea, and that is why I love Technori,” Kravitz said. “A lot of the companies up here are young, they’re fighting for their lives. And they started as just an idea.”

Technori has done events in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Milwaukee and Dubuque, Iowa, and has said it’s looking to go international.

Kravitz serves as a mentor to several entrepreneur programs and organizations, including the Young Leaders Committee at The Economic Club and is an advisor to DonorPath and SocialCrunch.

As for life post-Technori, Kravitz wouldn’t yet say what he has planned next.

Before he moved to Chicago from Ohio in the late 2000s, Kravitz co-founded New York City-based Bankrate acquired the insurance agent and quote site in 2012 for an undisclosed price.

“I have the bug to get back out there and do something again,” Kravitz said.

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