Rick Lane

Rick Lane is pictured during an office tour of Trading Technologies.
(Brian Cassella, Chicago Tribune/March 25, 2015)

Rick Lane is chief executive officer of Trading Technologies, the private global trading software provider.

“(The expenses that) traders spend on technology has been put under a microscope,” he told Blue Sky. “We have expertise outside their competency. And nothing stays the same in the industry. We have to give ourselves a platform that lets us not always have to predict where things are going.”

Lane joined TT in 2010 when it acquired the company he co-founded, TickIt Trading Systems. He left for a product manager job at Google in September 2011, then rejoined TT in April 2012 as its CTO.

Prior to TickIt, Lane developed trading algorithms for a proprietary trading firm. Previously he worked at consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton, where he created defense-analysis software.

Lane holds his bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Georgia Institute of Technology.