Amanda Lannert

Amanda Lannert poses in a recent addition to the Jellyvision office.
(Brent Lewis / for the Chicago Tribune / 2012)

Amanda Lannert is CEO of interactive marketing company Jellyvision. She joined the company in 2000 when the company was focused on interactive games like You Don’t Know Jack.

“I put in the hours; I take this business very seriously, but I’m like, ‘Let’s go grab a drink’ or ‘Did you guys see this funny thing?’” Lannert told the Tribune. “So it’s really making sure we institutionalize delight. I know that’s a terrible way of saying it, but I honestly think about how can we be funny with each other, for our clients, how can we make sure we’re enjoying the ride.”

Lannert was named CEO of the Year at the third annual Moxie awards in June. Before joining Jellyvision, she managed global brands for Kellogg’s at Leo Burnett. Lannert serves on the advisory boards of 1871 and The Starter League and also mentors at Techstars.

Lannert attended Haverford College in Pennsylvania and the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. She lives with her husband Kevin and three daughters.

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