Paul Lee

Paul Lee
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Paul Lee is CEO and co-founder of 11 Roniin, a company that helps to create startups, then spins them off and charges them for services.

The company officially launched in November 2014. Since then, the company has launched numerous different companies, including OfficeLuv, a Chicago-based startup offering office-cleaning and management services.

Lee, a former full-time venture capitalist, has been vocal about the issues he sees in that industry, from the way VCs deal with entrepreneurs to who runs startups in the first place. 11 Roniin is his attempt to reimagine the traditional model.

To create a new company, 11 Roniin employees first identify an industry vertical that could use a tech makeover. Then they partner with one of their about a dozen mentors to refine the idea.

Lee has been working on this idea since he left his job as general partner at venture capital firm Lightbank. He was also a founding partner at NBC’s Peacock Equity Fund. He serves as adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

He has a bachelor’s in math and economics from Northwestern University and an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.

Find him on social: @iPaulLee @roniin
Paul Lee