Eddie Lou

Eddie Lou
(Jose M. Osorio/Chicago Tribune / Nov. 12, 2014)

Eddie Lou is the co-founder and executive chairman of Shiftgig, the Chicago-based platform that helps companies including Amazon and Nike hire temporary workers.

The company has raised $20 million in Series C funding, bringing its total funding to $36 million as of January 2017. It passed the 200-employee mark in December 2016, with about two-thirds of those workers based in Chicago, Lou said.

Lou was CEO until September 2017 when Wade Burgess, former Chicago-based vice president of talent solutions for LinkedIn, took that role.

“I met Wade earlier this year and felt that his experiences over the last 20 years — particularly at LinkedIn — and his leadership style will take us to bigger and taller heights,” Lou said. “That experience that he had was perfect for what our ambitions are to grow at this company.”

Shiftgig is an online community that helps service workers and companies connect for jobs.

“It’s a real issue for event-catering companies or wedding planners if a bartender doesn’t show up,” Lou told the Tribune. “We can fill shifts as quick as six minutes. … And if you’re interested in looking for these extra jobs, we actually vet you to make sure you have the certifications and are trained properly. And then we give you an app that allows you to pick up gigs mobile-y.”

Lou spent years on the other side of such deals as general partner at local venture capital firm OCA Ventures. He also co-founded non-profit One Goal, which provides supplemental education programs for low-income urban high school students.

Lou holds an MBA and bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. He serves on the advisory board of Techweek Chicago.

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