Mike McGee

Mike McGee is photographed at the Starter League.
(Andrew A. Nelles / for the Chicago Tribune / June 10, 2014.)

Mike McGee is director of programs at CodeNow, a nonprofit aimed at teaching coding to kids. His Starter League co-founder Neal Sales-Griffin serves as CodeNow’s CEO. The duo joined the company in fall 2016.

Before CodeNow, Mike McGee co-founded The Starter League, a coding and entrepreneurship school that was one of the first tenants in 1871. Since opening in 2011 the school has launched several companies, including one that raised nearly $1 million in venture capital.

“We knew we could get people,” McGee told the Tribune. “We didn’t know who they were, we didn’t know what they looked like, but we knew they were out there.”

The Starter League is a small school that teaches would-be entrepreneurs how to code and design software in a three-month program that offers HTML, JavaScript, web development, visual design and user-design experience. The school also helps students network with investors and successful entrepreneurs to help them realize their ideas.

In 2013, the school began offering intensive nine-month Starter School courses that focus on business-skills, plus start-to-finish product development and back-end functioning via Ruby on Rails.

McGee, a graduate of Northwestern University, has a knack for design and is the more creative half of the business partnership with Neal Sales-Griffin. The two met while students at Northwestern University.

While at Northwestern, McGee spent two years in student government, serving as student body president in his senior year.

He lives in Chicago.