Rumi Morales

Rumi Morales
(Ron Wu photo)

Rumi Morales is a partner at Outlier Ventures, a London-based investment firm that focuses on blockchain. She started with the firm in June 2018, spearheading their expansion in the United States. She previously launched an investment firm called Rumi Ventures in October 2017.

She is the former executive director of the CME Group’s Strategic Investment, which takes minority stakes in emerging technology companies. She joined CME in 2010 working in the futures company’s international corporate development and finance division, where she managed global business partnerships.

“Not only is (Chicago) a great place for a company to start, it’s a great, if not better, place for companies to scale,” Morales said at the FUND Conference in October 2017. “In a competitive environment, it’s very collaborative,” she added, comparing Chicago to other global cities in which she’s worked.

Before joining CME, Morales was a vice president at Goldman Sachs in New York and Hong Kong and a principal at private investment firms in New York, London and Kuala Lumpur.

Morales graduated from Wellesley College and received her MBA from the New York University Stern School of Business.

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