Raaja Nemani

Raaja Nemani
(Katie Hunckler / BucketFeet)

Raaja Nemani is co-founder of Bucketfeet, an artist-designed sneaker company that was bought by Threadless in October 2017.

Under Nemani’s leadership as CEO as Bucketfeet, the company worked with artists from 100 countries and sold its shoes globally.

“Be open to meeting people and new relationships. If you put yourself in more situations, you have more opportunities,” Nemani said. “The one single thing that meant more to my entrepreneurial life than anything else is networking. I call it connecting. The power of connecting is why we started this company.”

Previously, Nemani worked at Mubadala Development, Prairie Capital and UBS. He left Prairie Capital in 2008 to take time to travel the world. After two years abroad, he came back to the states and started BucketFeet with co-founder Aaron Firestein. The two met in Argentina.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Northwestern University.

Find him on social: @raajanemani@Bucketfeet
Raaja Nemani
Website: bucketfeet.com