Shawn Riegsecker

Shawn Riegsecker, CEO and founder at Centro
(Jose M. Osorio / Chicago Tribune / Sep. 16, 2015)

Shawn Riegsecker founded Centro, a digital advertising and media management software developer, in 2001 to automate and streamline digital ad purchases.

“The thesis of Web-based process automation for industries is one of the largest global investment theses that’s taking place,” he told Blue Sky. “Anything that can be automated that we don’t enjoy doing is going to become automated.”

Shawn is a member of the Young Presidents Organization and the Economic Club of Chicago as well as a founding board member of The Centrist Party, a political party for moderate Americans, and an advisory board member for TechWeek.

He serves on the selection committee for 1871 Chicago and is an angel investor in the FireStarter Fund.

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