Kristi Ross

Kristi Ross

Kristi Ross is co-CEO of Dough, which is the result of the merger of financial “edutainment” site Tastytrade and options trading platform Tom Sosnoff, who launched Tastytrade in 2011, is her co-CEO.

Ross leads operations at Tastytrade and Dough, an online financial network and financial technology content aggregator, respectively.

“Silicon Valley is sitting up and paying attention to Chicago and the explosion of the technology sector here,” she told Blue Sky.

Ross has received accolades including the 2014 Moxie Woman in Tech Award, Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young, and Prominent Woman in Tech by the Illinois Technology Association.

She serves on the board of directors of Textura.

Ross previously served as CFO of online brokerage Thinkorswim and Chicago Securities Group. She was also a stock specialist on the Chicago Stock Exchange. A certified public accountant, she began her career specializing in financial services industry clientele.

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