Matthew Roszak

Matthew Roszak
(Chamber of Digital Commerce)

Matthew Roszak is a blockchain investor, entrepreneur and advocate who founded the Chicago Blockchain Center, a public-private partnership with the state of Illinois, CME Group, DRW and Lightbank that opened in 2017.

“I’ve been a blockchain investor and entrepreneur and traveled the world speaking at conferences and meetings. Coming back to Chicago, it was relatively quiet in terms of the dialogue and narrative,” he told Blue Sky. “That inspired me to build a center of gravity — a resource for Chicago to think about this new frontier.”

Roszak is also the co-founder and chairman of Bloq, a blockchain enterprise software company, and a founding partner of Tally Capital, a private investment firm focused on digital assets and blockchain-enabled technology. He is chairman of the Chamber of Digital Commerce and was a producer of the documentary “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin.”

Roszak spent more than 20 years in private equity and venture capital with Advent International, Keystone Capital Partners, Platinum Venture Partners and SilkRoad Equity. He has a B.A. in economics from Lake Forest College.

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