Neal Sales-Griffin

Neal Sales-Griffin is photographed at The Starter League. (Andrew A. Nelles / for the Chicago Tribune / June 10, 2014.)

Neal Sales-Griffin is CEO of CodeNow, a New York-based nonprofit that teaches coding to kids. He also teaches an entrepreneurship course as an adjunct professor at Northwestern University.

Before CodeNow, Sales-Griffin co-founded The Starter League, a coding and entrepreneurship school that was one of the first tenants in 1871. Since opening in 2011, the school has launched several companies, including one that raised nearly $1 million in venture capital.

He and co-founder Mike McGee, who also works at CodeNow, met while students at Northwestern University.

“The way we work well together is, we share the same belief,” Sales-Griffin told the Tribune. “That belief is that the world will be better if people can solve problems with code.”

The Starter League was a for-profit school that teaches would-be entrepreneurs how to code and design software in a three-month program that offers HTML, JavaScript, web development, visual design and user-design experience. The school also helped students network with investors and successful entrepreneurs.

In 2013, the school began offering intensive nine-month Starter School courses that focus on business-skills, plus start-to-finish product development and back-end functioning via Ruby on Rails.

Sales-Griffin and McGee sold the Starter League to the Fullstack Academy in March 2016 for an undisclosed sum. He still advises Fullstack but isn’t on its payroll.

Sales-Griffin previously worked as an analyst with Chicago venture firm and startup incubator Sandbox Industries. While a student at Northwestern, he researched video games, technology and for-profit education startups for OCA Ventures.

He lives in Chicago.

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