Jeff Semenchuk

Jeff Semenchuk
(John Gress / Hyatt)

Jeff Semenchuk is the CEO of Zest Health, a health care mobile app launched in 2013.

Before Zest Health, he was Hyatt’s chief innovation officer. There, he launched a “lab hotels” program that yielded ways to appeal to women guests. He said he wanted to create a discipline of innovation.

“It starts with developing a deep understanding of who you’re innovating for, whether it’s guests or colleagues,” Semenchuk told Blue Sky. “And then really understanding deeper unmet needs, not even so much to hear what people tell you they want but to dig deeper and infer what they’re really looking for.”

Prior to Hyatt, Semenchuk served as the managing director of Citigroup’s global Growth Ventures and Innovation Unit. He is also the former head of global innovation, consumer healthcare at Pfizer.

Semenchuk graduated from Wheaton College with his bachelor’s in communication studies. He earned his master’s degree in communication at Northern Illinois University.

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