Andrew Sieja

Andrew Sieja

Computer programmer Andrew Sieja founded kCura in 2001. What began as a software consultancy transformed into an enterprise software company after the development of its flagship product, Relativity. The whole company took on the Relativity name in August 2017.

“It’s all about the product,” Sieja told Blue Sky. “If you have a good product, you can build your business.”

In February 2015, kCura announced it had raised $125 million — its first outside funding — from San Francisco-based Iconiq Capital. Sieja said it would use that money to further innovate its legal software products.

Sieja has worked as a technologist for a variety of consultant firms. He grew up mostly in Detroit but spent his childhood summers with his mother’s family in Poland, whose economy at the time was severely troubled. Those summers in Poland also introduced Sieja to the entrepreneurial life, as he helped his uncle make flip-flops to sell at the local flea market and used his novelty status as “the American kid with the really broken Polish” to make sales.

Sieja serves on the executive advisory board of Techweek. He also loves snowboarding.

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