Chuck Templeton

Chuck Templeton is photographed in his Lakeview backyard.
(Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune / 2011)

Chuck Templeton founded online reservation system OpenTable in 1998 after watching his wife spend hours trying to secure dinner reservations during visits from her father, a restaurant executive. The couple lived in California at the time.

Since then Templeton has been involved with several startups as an investor, board member and adviser. He was founding chairman of food delivery service GrubHub, led by CEO Matt Maloney, and an early adviser to global payments platform Braintree, headed by Bill Ready.

He spoke to Blue Sky in 2014 about the common denominator among successful startups.

“For me, the most important thing is to get in front of and try to sell the customer something, rather than iterating on a whiteboard in a back room somewhere,” he said. “Entrepreneurs who are successful are really good at getting advice or a perspective from other people and then making their own decisions.”

He currently serves as chairman of the Impact Engine business accelerator and is on the board of Juhl Energy, AuctionsByCellular and

Templeton and his family are living in Costa Rica for a time and chronicling their adventures on their WordPress blog.

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