Victor Pascucci III

Victor Pascucci III

Victor Pascucci III is managing partner at venture capital fund Lightbank, which he joined in February 2017.

Prior to Lightbank, he was a partner with German re-insurer Munich Re. Before that, he managed USAA’s $330 million corporate venture capital program, leading investments in fintech, consumer internet, enterprise technologies and digital capabilities.

Pascucci, who moved to Chicago from the Bay Area to work at Lightbank, is bullish on the Midwest.

“The strongest entrepreneurs and investment opportunities we’re seeing are coming out of the Midwest region and Chicago,” he told Blue Sky. “Lightbank’s been investing in the area since 2010, and the quality of entrepreneurs and the quality of opportunities just gets better as time goes on.”

Pascucci is a board member of Clearcover, Snapsheet and Sprout Social; he’s an adviser to the Chicago Blockchain Center, Currency and Fintech71.

He has a bachelor’s degree in communications from Bowling Green State University and a law degree from the University of Toledo.

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