Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson poses in a chair he designed.
(Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune / 2014)

A leader of Chicago’s industrial design community, Scott Wilson, founder and principal designer of Minimal, is also something of a Kickstarter legend.

His LunaTik, a strap and case that turns an iPod Nano into a wearable, raised nearly $1 million in 2010, making it one of the first breakout hits on the crowdfunding site.

His latest project, Epik, a protective case for the Apple Watch, raised more than $242,000.

The roots of Wilson’s wearable industrial design go back to 2001, when he began working at Nike as global creative director. He designed watches for the company, in particular the Nike Presto Watch.

Wilson served as design director at Motorola in 2006 but left to launch Minimal in 2007. Microsoft was an early customer of the West Loop studio, which helped design the Xbox 360 + Kinect.

Wilson says things like crowdfunding, social media marketing and online retailing have democratized manufacturing, presenting opportunities for people like him.

“The maker movement is about the convergence of all these tools,” he said in an interview with Blue Sky. “They are finally accessible.”

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