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  • Why lend your own big brand to Uber? Bozoma Saint John seeks out the heat

    Uber as a brand looks to be a mess right now. Bozoma Saint John, the marketing superstar who left Apple to become the ride-hailing company’s chief brand officer, says she’s eager for the challenge of fixing that. But why, exactly, use her own star power to bring shine to troubled Uber? "We have... […]

  • Cybersecurity is becoming a problem people can't ignore, hackers say

    People often pay more attention to the benefits of modern technology than its problems — in part because so far, the consequences have been tolerable, experts said during a Chicago Ideas Week event Thursday. “That’s changing,” said Joshua Corman, founder of I Am The Cavalry, a grassroots organization... […]

  • U. of I., Army Research Lab will join U. of C. in new Polsky Center tower

    The University of Chicago’s Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation will have some roommates in its big new Hyde Park complex: The University of Illinois and the Army Research Lab. U. of I. announced Thursday that it will base about 100 students, faculty members and researchers at the... […]

  • Google Maps pulls cupcake calorie-counting feature after backlash

    A new Google feature that may have seemed sweet quickly turned sour. Google Maps recently tested a feature that showed users how many calories they could burn if they walked a route instead of driving it. To illustrate those calories, the app said how many mini-cupcakes a person would burn during... […]

  • How is editing DNA like working your way up the ladder? Adapting.

    To advance, you have to adapt — whether through rebranding your product, reconsidering your target consumers, editing faulty DNA or training your brain to move an artificial limb, leaders said during two Chicago Ideas Week events on Tuesday. “Breakthroughs: Advancing the Way We Live” took a biological... […]

  • From idea to action, here's how these influencers bring concepts to life

    How do you bring an idea to life? That question was at the center of two events that kicked off Chicago Ideas Week, a series of more than 150 events around the city focusing on topics as diverse as politics, food, cybersecurity and entrepreneurship. Facebook Vice President and Head of Design Luke... […]

  • New role leading women-in-tech group puts former CPS computer-science booster in spotlight

    A major international group advocating for women in tech has picked a Chicagoan as its new leader. Chicago Public Schools' former director of computer science, Brenda Darden Wilkerson, has been named president and CEO of, the 20-year-old Palo Alto-based organization formerly known as... […]

  • Overthinking it? Your brain makes better decisions when it's on autopilot, expert says

    Paying too much attention to detail can cause you to underperform in clutch situations, cognitive scientist Sian Beilock says. "When we are under stress, that frontal cortex goes awry," said Beilock, known for her research on the way people perform under high stress — the science of choking under... […]

  • The Trade Desk isn't finance, but it worked out for this job-seeker anyway

    What's it really like to work at Chicago startups and tech companies? Blue Sky's Inside Job lets people on the ground tell us in their own words. Kevin Lester, 29, Trading Analyst at The Trade Desk So the short story is we help agencies that represent advertisers buy ad space online and on TV.... […]

  • Waymo is first company to deliver federal officials a detailed self-driving safety report

    To help keep tabs on the safety of driverless cars rolling around U.S. cities, the federal government last year, and again last month, suggested that tech firms and car companies submit safety checklists. None of the companies rushed to meet Washington's wishes. Until now. Waymo, formerly Google's... […]

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