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  • Amazon reveals its Prime service has 100 million members

    Amazon has persuaded more than 100 million shoppers to subscribe to its Prime service that offers free two-day shipping and other perks that help bind people to the company and its ever-expanding empire. CEO Jeff Bezos quantified the size of Amazon's Prime membership for the first time Wednesday... […]

  • Facebook could be forced to pay billions of dollars over alleged violations of Illinois biometrics law

    A federal judge’s ruling this week means Facebook could face billions of dollars in damages if the court finds the company violated Illinois residents’ privacy rights with its facial tagging feature. The potential penalty stems from a federal lawsuit filed in Illinois in 2015 that alleges the social... […]

  • Thousands of Android apps may be illegally tracking children, study finds

    Thousands of free, popular children's apps available on the Google Play Store could be violating child privacy laws, according to a new, large-scale study, highlighting growing criticism of Silicon Valley's data collection efforts. Seven researchers analyzed nearly 6,000 apps for children and found... […]

  • Cosmo’s former top editor: ‘Being gutsy almost always wins the day’

    Chances are if you picked up Cosmopolitan magazine at any point between the years of 1998 and 2012, Kate White had something to do with which celebrity was featured on the cover. It’s been six years since White left her post as editor-in-chief at the iconic mag, but if you think she slowed down,... […]

  • Chicago sports tech firm Stats looks to bring A.I. to the broadcast booth and sideline

    When a baseball announcer rattles off your favorite player’s batting average with two outs and runners on first and third, he’s not pulling that figure from the back of his mind. There’s a good chance that timely information was provided by Stats, a Chicago-based sports data and technology company.... […]

  • Google's Gmail is set to get a major update

    Rumors are flying that Google is on the edge of releasing a major update to the web version of Gmail - one of Google's most widely used products, boasting at least a billion users. In a statement, Google did not confirm specific changes but did acknowledge that it's working on an update to its... […]

  • Leader of Polsky Center, University of Chicago's innovation hub, to step down

    The leader of the University of Chicago’s hub for innovation and entrepreneurship is stepping down and heading back to the private sector. John Flavin, head of the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, is set to become chief financial officer of Lisle-based medical technology company... […]

  • 4 ways to improve your interview skills like a pro

    So you got the interview, congrats! You’re ready, right? You’ve skimmed your resume to freshen up on your professional accomplishments, check. You’ve boned up on the potential new employer and the job description, check. You’ve got a few questions ready, check. You’ve read all the best books on... […]

  • Zuckerberg tells Congress 'we didn't do enough' to prevent privacy crises that rock Facebook

    Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg endured an hours-long grilling by dozens of U.S. senators Tuesday during which he repeatedly apologized and promised privacy reforms but also pointedly defended his company against the threat of new legislation. Zuckerberg invoked Facebook's unlikely journey... […]

  • Proposed changes to Illinois' biometric law concern privacy advocates

    State lawmakers are considering a proposal that opponents argue would gut protections for data on people’s individual biological characteristics, just as the nation’s attention turns toward online privacy in the wake of Facebook’s massive data exposure scandal. Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy... […]

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