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  • Tesla sues former employee for hacking company secrets. He says he was a whistleblower.

    Tesla sued a former employee Wednesday, accusing the man of hacking the automaker's computer systems and stealing company secrets, shedding light on what chief Elon Musk had suggested was the work of a secretive internal saboteur. But the employee, Martin Tripp, told The Washington Post that he... […]

  • 4 Chicago-area businesses to be featured on Marcus Lemonis show

    Four Chicago-area businesses are set to be featured on CNBC's “The Profit” in the second half of Season 5, which began airing this month. Chicago entrepreneur and investor Marcus Lemonis visits 10 businesses around the country that could use some help. Ellison Eyewear, a designer glasses company... […]

  • This startup can make avocados last twice as long before going bad

    The new avocados rolling out to Costco stores in the Midwest this week don't look like the future of fresh produce. But they're quietly testing technology that could more than double the shelf life of vegetables and fruits. That technology, developed by California startup Apeel Sciences, consists... […]

  • Emanuel: Amazon 'really likes' two Chicago sites

    Amazon officials “really like” two of the five Chicago sites they toured earlier this year while scouting potential locations for a new headquarters, Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Monday. The mayor is trying to play things close to his vest so as not to anger Amazon as he and mayors across the U.S. wait... […]

  • Want to make more money? Start rewriting your story

    Asking for more money is hard. It makes you examine your value and challenges your inner good girl that shouts, “don’t be too pushy and don’t ask for too much.” A successful negotiation begins way before you walk into that meeting. Words and story are power. When you start thinking about negotiating... […]

  • Apple is making it harder for police to collect evidence from iPhones of suspected criminals

    Apple announced Wednesday that it would block access to a port that law enforcement uses to crack into iPhones during criminal investigations, a move that could reignite debate over whether tech companies are doing enough to help authorities probing serious crimes. Apple said the change, which... […]

  • Chicago taps Elon Musk’s Boring Company to build high-speed transit tunnels that would tie Loop with O'Hare

    Autonomous 16-passenger vehicles would zip back and forth at speeds exceeding 100 mph in tunnels between the Loop and O’Hare International Airport under a high-speed transit proposal being negotiated between Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s City Hall and billionaire tech entrepreneur Elon Musk’s The Boring... […]

  • Emanuel calls for new fee on Airbnb rentals

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to turn the screws a bit more on people who rent homes or rooms through Airbnb and other online platforms, calling for a new 2 percent fee to go toward adding shelter beds for domestic abuse victims. The mayor’s administration says the new fee would raise about $1.3 million... […]

  • FCC's net neutrality rules are officially repealed Monday. Here's what that really means.

    Monday marks the official end of the federal government's net neutrality rules, the Obama-era regulations that said Internet providers can't block or slow down websites, or prioritize their own content over others. It's a major turning point for Internet policy and the Web as a whole, as broadband... […]

  • Survey: 64% of employees would accept a promotion without a raise

    For some, moving up the corporate ladder doesn’t always have to include a heftier paycheck — sometimes a promotion will do just fine. In fact, 64 percent of employees surveyed say that they’d take a higher job title without a raise, according to new data from staffing firm OfficeTeam. This number... […]

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