Jason Fried

Jason Fried speaks during Tech Cocktail's Chicago Mixer at 1871.
(Andrew A. Nelles / for Blue Sky / 2013)

Software entrepreneur Jason Fried is the co-founder of Basecamp, maker of Web-based project management tools, and a thought leader on entrepreneurship and the modern workplace.

Basecamp is an online tool that helps small businesses collaborate. The company, formerly known as 37signals, also produced Ruby on Rails, the open source software upon which many fast-growing websites have been built.

Fried is the co-author of Rework, a New York Times bestseller, and Remote: Office Not Required and gave a popular TED Talk on “why work doesn’t happen at work.”

Most of Basecamp’s 45-some employees work remotely, some from far-flung locales.

“We have a couple of people who work on farms,” he told Blue Sky. “Why should I tell people they can’t do that? Why should they be denied an opportunity to have a great job? To me it’s the right way to treat people, rather than just about business.”

In 2014, Fried launched The Distance, an online magazine edited and written by Wailin Wong, a former Tribune technology reporter.

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