Marianne Markowitz

Marianne Markowitz visits with Colleen Kramer, owner and president of Evergreen Supply Company in Chicago.
(Zbigniew Bzdak / Chicago Tribune / 2012)

Marianne Markowitz was regional administrator of the Small Business Administration and served in President Obama’s cabinet as acting administrator of the federal agency. Her job was to spread the message of the SBA to entrepreneurs and investors throughout the Midwest.

“Most people don’t realize the part that our 28 million small businesses play in our economy,” she told Blue Sky. “These small business owners are true patriots. They work harder than anybody, they contribute more to our economy and they deserve all the help that they can get.”

Markowitz spent 17 years in the private sector, including jobs with General Dynamics, where she had an entry-level finance position; Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, where she worked in treasury and risk analysis; and Express Scripts, where she performed integration work on an acquisition and set up the company’s first professional treasury department.

Markowitz worked on Obama’s first presidential election campaign as a financial consultant on his exploratory committee. She then became chief financial officer for Obama for America.

She has an MBA from DePaul. She lives in Chicago with her husband Jeff and daughter Maura.

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