Harper Reed

Harper Reed
(Jacob DeHart)

Harper Reed helped propel Chicago’s tech scene into the global spotlight as chief technology officer for the Obama for America presidential re-election campaign leading up to 2012. He assembled and led a team that was widely lauded for its game-changing use of digital data and analytics in presidential campaigning.

In 2012, he founded Modest, a tech startup that helps consumers shop more efficiently on their mobile phones.

“One of the main reasons why I founded this company is because my goal is I want to work less,” he told Blue Sky. “It’s about making the work more efficient. I want to work very hard so other people can work less.”

Paypal acquired Modest in August 2015. Since then, Reed has been senior director of software development at Paypal, in addition to serving as Head of Commerce for Braintree, another company owned by PayPal.

Reed is also the former CTO of skinnyCorp, parent of T-shirt startup Threadless.

He graduated from Cornell College in 2001.

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Age: 41 Website: harperreed.com