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  • Amazon is selling facial recognition to law enforcement - for a fistful of dollars

    Amazon has been providing facial recognition tools to law enforcement agencies in Oregon and Orlando for only a few dollars a month, according to documents obtained by American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, paving the way for a rollout of technology that is causing concern among... […]

  • 'Sexiest job' ignites talent wars as demand for data geeks soars

    Murray Webb had been a lackluster student more interested in sports than schoolwork while attending a small Virginia college. Then he transferred to Kennesaw State University in suburban Atlanta to pursue a master's degree in applied statistics and landed four job offers upon graduation. Webb,... […]

  • 5 ways you’re setting yourself up to fail on LinkedIn

    Your LinkedIn profile might be one of the first things a recruiter sees about you, so don’t make these mistakes. Here’s what you might be doing on the professional networking platform that’s setting you up to fail. Not checking your privacy settings before updating your profile You know how once... […]

  • SEC tries to scam ICO investors to show them how easy it is

    A hot new initial coin offering gives investors the chance of a lifetime to make money from sun-soaked beaches and crystal-clear waters. It also provides something even more valuable: advice on how to avoid getting ripped off by fraudulent ICOs. The Securities and Exchange Commission is pitching... […]

  • Why open plan offices are like a nudist beach

    In the #MeToo era, an open-office environment might seem like the perfect solution for fixing the sexual harassment that can take place behind closed office doors. If there are glass walls everywhere, and no one has doors or even plastic partitions to reserve any sense of privacy, groping and sexual... […]

  • Amazon to give Prime members extra discounts at Whole Foods

    It's Prime time at Whole Foods: Amazon said it will give its Prime members extra discounts at the grocery chain. The new benefits started Wednesday at Whole Foods stores in Florida and will expand nationwide this summer. Prime members get an additional 10 percent off sale items and exclusive deals... […]

  • Data firm Uptake Technologies plans San Francisco office

    Uptake Technologies plans to open a San Francisco office in June as part of the Chicago-based data analytics company’s quest to become more global. “When you talk about being a global company, you need to have global presence,” spokeswoman Abby Hunt said. “You can do a lot remotely, but as we start... […]

  • Amazon's cashierless stores coming to Chicago, San Francisco

    Amazon Go is headed for Chicago and San Francisco. The retailer, which opened its first cashierless store concept to the public in Seattle in January, is seeking store managers in both cities, according to recent job postings on Amazon’s website. In response to an inquiry, a spokesperson confirmed... […]

  • Bitcoin exchange Coinbase opens Chicago office in bid to attract investors, local talent

    Coinbase, a digital currency exchange based in San Francisco, has opened a Chicago office to be close to burgeoning digital currency markets, big investors and what its leaders say is a vast pool of local talent. The appetite for bitcoin and other digital currencies has grown exponentially in recent... […]

  • Robocalls are out of control. Here’s how to keep from getting scammed

    Some days, you cannot pick up the phone without running into yet another fraudster demanding money. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to just avoid unknown callers. The con artists keep calling hot spots, after all, where people keep answering the phone. Americans were blasted by 3.36 billion robocalls... […]

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